@Jane Issac. New Thriller

One Fatal Secret released next month 16th June.

This is my current Advance Review book recently downloaded via NetGalley. Jane is an established author, this is her 12th book. I am currently on chapter 16 and enthralled . Mysterious deaths , a secret but what ! And who is responsible. Yes definitely got me gripped.

Well got to say throughly enjoyed this book. Excellently written.hard to put down, death, suspense, heartbreaking families torn, friendships strained, mistrust , murder, a truly thrilling read, two women fighting for there own & children’s survival. The must unravel the truth and stand tall to overcome the danger and gain there lives back. Well done I truly enjoyed this it is my first Advance Review for this author and Will return to read more @janeisaac

Adam Lofthouse

Been an age since I’ve had any news to share, but I can finally reveal I’ve a new book out this summer, and I think it’s a corker!

Wall of Hadrian, Britannia, 367 AD.
It’s just another day until it isn’t….

Find out more and pre-order here ⬇️

I am thrilled to be once more supporting Adam with his latest book. I am sure this will be another excellent read. Adam has kindly provided me with a copy to undertake an Advance Review. Watch this space I will update you as I read on. 👍 @adamlofthouse

Absolutely brilliant

Great strong characters that grow in strength as you read on

Exciting & Thrilling plot that grips you

A few strong loyal men desperate to stay true to each other and Rome

Intrigue, friendship, brotherhood, loyalty, action, betrayal, fights this book as it all

The story grips you from the start with a small troop of Romans discovering the northern warriors are on the March. The story rolls on with troops making a fighting withdrawal and finding outposts abandoned.

Fast paced story, great read 5 ⭐️

Norman Lawson “Crink”

This is my latest review work. Another new Author & Publisher and a new Genre to read.

Just received this book today in the post. Thanks.

I will post my AR when I’ve read this

Got to the end, The main character Crink is a rogue, set to work secretly for the Union State before the start of the American Civil War. Crink a rogue & person interested in his own personal survival at anyones expense. Tasked to join the southern army by Lincoln & his Pinkerton agents. All Crink wishes is to leave and feel safe. I enjoyed the background into Crinks earlier life and how this slides neatly into the story. Enjoyable read 4 Stars

Tales of Empire

New release. Excellent book from 4 Authors.

4 great little short stories from around the British Empire. A seafaring tale. A clerk on a British outpost. A soldier returning home. A gentleman of trades adventures.

Britannias Chase , by Antonio Vanner. A great look at his writing of Nicholas Dawlish a British Naval officer Antonio books on Dawlish span his life and career and the change from traditional sailing ships to steam powered and the countries he visited and challenges he faced . This tale sees Dawlish as a Midshipman near the start of his career great story

The Arabian by Jacqueline Reitter, is a tale of the life of The Earl Of Chatham. At the time of this story then Governor of Gibraltar his clerk in the story has not known Chatham long nor does he understand him during the short tale and a race with Chatham horse and an Arabian horse . Stokes the clerk sees Chatham in a different light wonderful little tale

A Clean Sweep by Penny Hampson. A heartwarming tale a soldier injured returning home after Napoleons defeat. A hard brutal chimney sweep. A mother who is struggling to keep her family together and a dog. Loved this tale and the insight into the cruelty of the children who climbed the chimney.

The Tiger Hunt by Tom Williams this tale of daring of James Brooke known as the White Rajah of Sarawak a true character a gentleman trader adventurer . He ruled Sarawak in Borneo and treated its people well this tale he here’s of a tiger killing a local women up river along with some of his European crew and locals from the tribes the track the tiger. Great story and excellent little addition to Toms book The White Rajah

I can say I loved all these for short stories the authors have done well providing great little reads about different topics of the British Empire and I’m sure they will encourage people to look at the individual books of these four authors

Advance Review work

I have set myself a challenge to undertake 25 Advance Book Reviews for Authors during 2022.

So far this year I have undertaken AR’s on 4 books during January & February 2022

Scourge of God by CR May
The Night Service by Tom Walker
Coelwulf’s Company by MJ Porter
Pagan Warrior by MJ Porter

Loved everyone of these books all had me gripped. Check my reviews on Goodreads, Twitter & here on my Blog.

Looking forward to helping more authors and looking for new additions of authors to add to my portfolio. Please feel free to contact me

Pagan Warrior

Today, I’m excited to share the new cover for Pagan Warrior, the first book in a trilogy about the mighty King Panda of Mercia in seventh-century … …

Pagan Warrior

Great read loving the chapters on the leading different characters. Waiting as I’m sure heading for a hectic massive battle. On chapter 28, 62% way through 👍