MJ Porter Kings of Mercia Series

So todays blog is about MJ Porter. Her series of Ninth Century Mercia. book 1 The last King here we are introduced to the main character lord Coelwulf. A proud strong fierce warrior loyal to his men & Mercia. Mercia overrun by Viking Raiders and of royal bloodline Coelwulf is the only hope of Mercia. MJ Porter has excelled once more with this series. The story & plot is well written and moves from book to book. The characters grow in strength as you read on Coelwulf and his warriors Icel, Herman, Pybba to name a few. my own favourite Rudolf a young squire who excels and thrust himself forward proving himself a true warrior. The action in the books is written as such I truly felt immersed and part of the battle line either astride a horse bearing down on the raiders slashing & stabbing or stood alongside my lord in the shield wall pushing the enemy into the sea. I have had the privilege to read the full series (so far) and can say beyond doubt I have loved them all. MJ has brought a to life wonderful characters and thrilling read. 5 Stars from me

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