Today’s Blog is about a long time Author/Reviewer friendship with Elaine Powell. i came across Elaine seems like many years ago now when i saw a post on Twitter about her book The Fifth Knight. The book is centred around a poor knight Sir Benedict Palmer, short of finances he agrees to assist other knights one final job which should prove very lucrative. The knights of the King travel to undertake the secretive job and Sir Palmer is shocked beyond belief when it turns into cold blooded murder of Archbishop Thomas of Beckett.
Sir Palmer takes no part in the murder or any action until the knights leader Sir Fitzurse kidnaps a young nun who is a witness to the crime. Sir Palmer can no longer standby silently.

Elaine truly captivated me with this tale and the story of Sir Palmer continues through The Blood of the Fifth Knight & The Lord of Ireland. i had enjoyed the books so much i submitted my 1st ever review for an author. Thought i had always read books i had never expressed any opinion on them. This was the start of my path to be a Book Reviewer……………..

Elaine contacted me with regards a new series of books that she was currently undertaking. The Kings Justice would be Book 1 and would i be interested in receiving a copy to do an Advance Review of. Now me been me i confess my initial thought was ” Great a free book” so i replied yes of course, then i looked into the concept of Advance Review work and saw how Authors like to have people read the book and feedback to them. I decided then i need to read this book and provide my feedback to Elaine, Well i loved it. A murder that nobody could explain. A clerk to the justice of the king despatched with an assistant to investigate and apprehend. It was brilliant.

Elaine had excelled the book was brilliant and i willing feedback to her with my 1st Advance Review. Elaine was thrilled and encouraged me to continue with AR work introducing me to other fellow authors who in turn introduced me to others.

I now have a list of wonderful author friends whom i dearly enjoy undertaking AR work for i feel honoured that they trust me so and it all stems from a little message from one lady EM Powell who provided me the opportunity. If anyone out there has not read Elaine’s work then you are missing a treat and as a Reviewer i would encourage you to check the books out. Here is a link to Elaine’s website https://www.empowell.com/ enjoy and and continue reading. Authors spend valuable time writing for our pleasure so we should spend time reading there books for there pleasure. i will continue to provide Blogs on all the authors i have supported over the years. Regards Stacy Reviewer Of Books

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