After Dunkirk by Lee Jackson

After Dunkirk (After Dunkirk #1)

Winston Churchill called it Britain’s finest hour. The Royal Navy evacuated 330,000 soldiers from Dunkirk.

But more than 200,000 were left behind.

On the beaches, Jeremy Littlefield hides for his life. His path home will draw him through the iron will and the unbreakable heart of the French Resistance.

Only a few miles away, his brother, Lance, rallies fellow soldiers to start a trek that will take them across Europe, sabotaging the Germans in a mission tantamount to suicide.

Back in England, their sister Claire works at Bletchley Park, cracking the codes that could save the lives of her brothers, and thousands of their comrades.

Finally, there is Paul, the cerebral eldest son, working for MI-6, who always knows more than he is able to tell his beloved siblings.

My Review

Excellent Read

I must admit that this is not my normal genre of book to read & review and is the 1st time I have read a book of Lee Jackson.
But what a fantastic read, great focal point with the Littlefield family and a great look at the struggle of the armed forces to escape the will and determined local French who stood up to the invaders and put their own lives in jeopardy to help our bedraggled forces. Truly well written great story. You could almost feel the pain & anguish of the troops with Lance. Well done

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