Feud by Ali Villaverde

Great Book

It is 1887, and Batiste Borrull and his family are on the brink. They are decent, hard-working folk, and all they want is a home and food on the table. But bad luck has denied them this dream time and time again. Just as things seem hopeless, a lifeline is thrown Batiste’s way: a prime piece of farmland on Valencia’s plain, where the crops grow in abundance all year round. Best of all, the landlords have waived the rent for two years.

What Batiste and his family do not yet know is just how far the peasants of the plain, still fired up by a bloody tragedy that unfolded a decade earlier, will go to make sure that the land Batiste has taken over will never be farmed again. In this Spanish arcadia, what was sown ten years ago is about to be reaped. And it will be a bitter, hateful harvest.

My Review

Not my usual genre of read . But must say I did enjoy it. The story around the family farming the land with the strife & problems they try overcome.

The personal troubles that neighbours cause them ,

The strain of a father trying to keep his family fed & clothed.

Well written easy to read and highlights the troubles of the time.

My only slight negative for me that the story moves along at a gentle pace for me, I’m used to a faster pace.

Overall good read, nice central characters that you genually feel for and understand the pain and suffering . I truly felt for the family when I finished the book

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