Advance Book Review Work.

Hi everyone. I have had the privilege over the past 5 years to support some great authors by undertaking advance reviews for them. People such as:

Some of the Authors I have supported

EM Powell, CR May, SA McKay, MJ Porter, Adam Lofthouse, Cyrssa Bazos, Stuart Rudge, Sam Taw, Paula Lofting, Richard Foreman, John Pilkington, Jonathan Spencer some of these authors keep me busy and I have read a lot over the years. To date so far this year I have read 35 books and currently on book 36

2021 has for me been great as I have luckily been approached by some new authors to add to my portfolio of reviews big thanks for reaching out to me Tom Williams, Rob Samborn & Jemahl Evans.

I count myself extremely lucky with my wonderful hobby. I list reviews here on my New Blog, Goodreads, Amazon, NetGalley. I’m easy to find as listed on all sites as my name Stacy Townend. Authors you are all great even those whose work I haven’t read ,you can put pen to paper or fingers to laptop nowadays and create wonderful text that bring joy to others. Thankyou. Keep on writing & I will keep on reviewing

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