Not everything has a price tag

Stood talking at work today started as a random conversation about.

Do you read ?

Yes I replied, can you recommend any books ? yes I replied what do you like? Murder mystery, thriller, history Roman Viking , suspense, historic mystery .

Wow do you read a lot ? Yes I replied i do a lot of Advance Book Reviews for Authors. That’s great you must make a lot of money?

Well I nearly fell over I spent the next 10mins trying to explain my love of reading, the joy it provides & escape from the norm, that my review work gives me purpose and helps my emotional well being and countermands the stress of my job. And that ultimately this was a hobby not a business and that supporting authors I felt was a privilege.

Well they didn’t understand. I suppose some people seem to be motivated by money and not motivated by the support, assistance they can provide for free to others.

Rant over🤪

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