Eva Seyler

My latest Review work

Eva is a new author to my growing list that I have undertaken reviews for. A bonus for me as I have reached out across the water to USA once more.

Eva rights about Argentina 1951 is the year WW2 over these past 6 years a woman (Leni) captured by the Nazi regime & still a prisoner since 1940.

We learn of Raymond & his son Anton. Raymond a butterfly enthusiast have arrived from Britain, Raymond still haunted by the loss of his wife during the war.

The three are thrown together as the journey into Patagonia the months pass as the three are drawn closer together but danger is never far away….,

I am around a quarter way through this intriguing book, it’s off my normal spectrum but the more I read the more I want to learn of the hardships of Leni, the overwhelming grief & loss that Raymond has and Anton who’s love and open friendship envelopes them all.

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