Mike Krentz New Release due January 2022

Angels Falling by [Mike Krentz]

An emotionless villain in a clerical collar murders the Archbishop of Washington, then leaves him in a crucifixion pose before the altar of St. Matthew’s Cathedral. A statuette left at the scene leads criminal profiler Pete Sullivan to suspect a diabolical motive. Enigmatic ex-nun Maria Santos—Pete’s first crush last seen at their expulsion from a Roman Catholic seminary twenty years ago—joins the investigative task force as a forensic psychologist.

Separate murders of an elderly priest and a five-year-old girl implicate reactionary cult-leader, Father Gabriel Valentine, the mutual nemesis who manipulated Pete’s and Maria’s past disgraces. Joining an FBI search of the cult compound after Gabriel disappears, Pete and Maria discover evidence that he was never the man they thought.

i have not read any of Mike’s works but was on a FB live chat with him and this new book sounded very interesting , i have marked it for my to read list

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