MJ Porter latest book

Ace isn’t it

Received this wonderful book in the post today I can highly recommend reading it

My Review of the book

Well got me loved the read I was so sure I knew who was responsible, though how or why then wham….. I was proved wrong great stuff. Absolutely wonderful fabulous plot, great twists and turns , any mystery reader will love this. This is MJ’s second instalment at murder mystery and I was not left wanting Mason & O’Rouke return searching for a murderer of an unknown man, who is he a wartime spy who knows the team are busy already with the counterfeiting case which seems to be going nowhere. I won’t spoil the story but as you read the book I kept going on its him no it’s him on no it’s them. Excellent just what I want and love from this type of book. MJ has yet again created a wonderful masterful plot which is full of suspensions twists that kept me enthralled and reading . MJ does really well creating both a story & characters which as a reader draw you in. I loved the background to the AA. This book is a great addition to the mystery series, though could easily be read as a standalone story. I do like O’Roukes character a strong determined woman who is striving to further her career and who willingly supports Mason and goes above and beyond even in a period when women where not seen as equal or capable. Well done 5 Stars from me.

Thank you that note means a lot. It is a good book 📖 highly recommended

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