CR May

Scourge of God

Well C.R May has done it again

Blood & Battle
A vow of vengeance
Young warrior & his loyal friends must earn a reputation as a leader & warrior if his men.
Halga & his sworn men escape the attack and seek safety with Halga’s foster father,
Halga swears an oath to his foster fathers brother Lord Horsa and they head south to fight against the attacking Hun

Halga strives to be a warrior & leader of men and is honoured & trusted by Lord Horsa & the king.

Halga and his chosen men are present at the battle and fight along side Visigoth’s, Romans, Franks against the Horde of Hun.

Gripping read
Strong characters
Fights, Action
Blood & guts
Hard to put down

A great tale of a young warrior bent on revenge, striving to learn & earn a reputation as a warrior lord & fighter of renown.

Great Action Packed Read. Loved it. 5 Stars from me. Looking forward to more adventure & action from Halga

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