Advance Review @Tom Walker

War time spy thriller.
Two RAF pilots Charlie & Peter escape from Greece & capture after crashing into the sea.
Back in Britain they part after harsh words.
Peter spends time with an old flame Eva then after leave heads off to fly agents in & out of France.
Eva herself is sent into France on a secret mission.
Charlie spends time with his father then returns to an instructor role before flying bombing raids.
The Gestapo are plotting and trying to unearth SOE agents.
You know all these characters are heading to a showdown, the Gestapo busy trying to undermine all the work by SOE, Eva sent to find out if the SOE network is secure.
Peter unaware of what Eva is undertaking & busy training on his new aircraft.
Charlie still suffering & Ill after the crash he & Peter where in.
Great characters, you feel the pain & anguish for them, the stress and fatigue of front line personal during war.
A truly wonderful book
Well written
Great storyline that flows well.

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