Christine Hancock

This is my current review I have not read any of Christine’s work, but I wish I had now. It is most unfortunate that I have only recently become aware of this wonderful author after hearing she passed away. I am nearly half way through this book and it’s gripped me, such a great story & characters. I will post a full review once I have finished in memory of Christine. I would encourage my followers who read similar books to me to look Christine up. Thanks Stacy

Wow loved this great story. Byrhtnoth a young man sent away to train as a warrior. He struggles to start not having a father though he works hard to train as a warrior. He leads his troop with a lord to help rescue his daughter. This book is a coming of age story as you learn about the hardship & brutality of life at the time. He earns himself close friends , enemies and learns of his family. Byrhtnoth charged to watch the king feels he failed, he is distraught and runs away he is seriously injured though survives and has to build his strength back up.The book flows well. I must admit that the style & pace of writing is great and has you gripped and end up reading “just one more chapter” great book. I will be reading more of Byrhtnoth.

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