Advance Review Work

Some of the authors I have undertaken Advance Reviews for
Hi photo of me & my wife

Hi I’d like to introduce myself. I work within Recycling & Waste. Married with 2 grown up sons. I have loved reading from an early age. During the past 4 years I have expanded my love of reading into undertaking Advance Review work for authors. I enjoy reading and assisting writers and have built up long term writer/reviewer friendships last year I went global and supported 3 overseas Writers South Africa, USA & Canada. If you are looking for Advance Reviews then feel free to contact me. My normal genres are Medieval crime, historical fiction Roman, Viking, Saxon. Historical crime fiction. Most recently expanded into, Crime thrillers, suspense. Look me up via FB, NetGalley, Twitter. I am listed by my name on all sites. I look to hearing from you. Regards Stacy

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