Tales of Empire

New release. Excellent book from 4 Authors.

4 great little short stories from around the British Empire. A seafaring tale. A clerk on a British outpost. A soldier returning home. A gentleman of trades adventures.

Britannias Chase , by Antonio Vanner. A great look at his writing of Nicholas Dawlish a British Naval officer Antonio books on Dawlish span his life and career and the change from traditional sailing ships to steam powered and the countries he visited and challenges he faced . This tale sees Dawlish as a Midshipman near the start of his career great story

The Arabian by Jacqueline Reitter, is a tale of the life of The Earl Of Chatham. At the time of this story then Governor of Gibraltar his clerk in the story has not known Chatham long nor does he understand him during the short tale and a race with Chatham horse and an Arabian horse . Stokes the clerk sees Chatham in a different light wonderful little tale

A Clean Sweep by Penny Hampson. A heartwarming tale a soldier injured returning home after Napoleons defeat. A hard brutal chimney sweep. A mother who is struggling to keep her family together and a dog. Loved this tale and the insight into the cruelty of the children who climbed the chimney.

The Tiger Hunt by Tom Williams this tale of daring of James Brooke known as the White Rajah of Sarawak a true character a gentleman trader adventurer . He ruled Sarawak in Borneo and treated its people well this tale he here’s of a tiger killing a local women up river along with some of his European crew and locals from the tribes the track the tiger. Great story and excellent little addition to Toms book The White Rajah

I can say I loved all these for short stories the authors have done well providing great little reads about different topics of the British Empire and I’m sure they will encourage people to look at the individual books of these four authors

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