Adam Lofthouse

Been an age since I’ve had any news to share, but I can finally reveal I’ve a new book out this summer, and I think it’s a corker!

Wall of Hadrian, Britannia, 367 AD.
It’s just another day until it isn’t….

Find out more and pre-order here ⬇️

I am thrilled to be once more supporting Adam with his latest book. I am sure this will be another excellent read. Adam has kindly provided me with a copy to undertake an Advance Review. Watch this space I will update you as I read on. 👍 @adamlofthouse

Absolutely brilliant

Great strong characters that grow in strength as you read on

Exciting & Thrilling plot that grips you

A few strong loyal men desperate to stay true to each other and Rome

Intrigue, friendship, brotherhood, loyalty, action, betrayal, fights this book as it all

The story grips you from the start with a small troop of Romans discovering the northern warriors are on the March. The story rolls on with troops making a fighting withdrawal and finding outposts abandoned.

Fast paced story, great read 5 ⭐️

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