Book 1 Of The Mercian Tales. The Betrayal by Stacy T Townend. Farndon a small walled village sat upon a rock by the River Dee in the Mercian Kingdom of King Offa. Eldrig Thane of Farndon is beset by raiders killing and burning, his Captain unable to deal with the problems. Eldrig seeks aid from his liege lord and King. King Offa provides support, a young promising warrior Oswi & his long-time mentor Bern with a troop of new aspiring warriors to help Eldrig. Oswi later hears the King is in trouble and sets of with his troop to aid the King. Trouble then follows, at Farndon, that Oswi must deal with. Death, kidnap, fighting and slaughter, the young Oswi must take on the responsibilities of a Lord to battle through and ensure justice is served. Who will betray him……. Will he succeed……. Can he survive…….. The future of Farndon sits with Oswi and his companions. Read on. The Betrayal is the first book in the Mercian Tales by new author Stacy T Townend


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