MJ Porter Kings of Mercia Series

So todays blog is about MJ Porter. Her series of Ninth Century Mercia. book 1 The last King here we are introduced to the main character lord Coelwulf. A proud strong fierce warrior loyal to his men & Mercia. Mercia overrun by Viking Raiders and of royal bloodline Coelwulf is the only hope of Mercia. MJ Porter has excelled once more with this series. The story & plot is well written and moves from book to book. The characters grow in strength as you read on Coelwulf and his warriors Icel, Herman, Pybba to name a few. my own favourite Rudolf a young squire who excels and thrust himself forward proving himself a true warrior. The action in the books is written as such I truly felt immersed and part of the battle line either astride a horse bearing down on the raiders slashing & stabbing or stood alongside my lord in the shield wall pushing the enemy into the sea. I have had the privilege to read the full series (so far) and can say beyond doubt I have loved them all. MJ has brought a to life wonderful characters and thrilling read. 5 Stars from me

Breathtakingly brilliant The Prisoner of Paradise by Rob Samborn

I was kindly supplied an Advance Review Copy of this book. Not my usual genre and i am currently still reading this wonderful book, but felt i needed to add a review as i continue reading. i will update this as i read on and finish.
“The Prisoner of Paradise” is an eloquently written book, i confess i felt i was actually in Venice. The Prisoner of Paradise is full of intrigue. I love a story that keeps you wondering what will happen next and speculating what might happen, it keeps me entertained and reading Rob has done this wonderfully, you feel for the main characters as the book unfolds in front of you, Robs use of language and description helps you actually visualize the book. I have finished this book and it is breathtakingly brilliant. Nick and his wife away on a combined business & pleasure trip and considering if Nick is going crazy. The book flows wonderfully and the I do confess switching between the historic events to present day adds depth to an already interesting story. Love, murder, intrigue, and more praise to Rob on an excellent novel. As a review of books for some years I can safely say one of the best I have had the private to review of you like Dan Brown books then read this you will not be left wanting. 5 Stars