Pagan Warrior

Today, I’m excited to share the new cover for Pagan Warrior, the first book in a trilogy about the mighty King Panda of Mercia in seventh-century …

Pagan Warrior

Currently reading Pagan Warrior loving it

Advance Review Work

Some of the authors I have undertaken Advance Reviews for
Hi photo of me & my wife

Hi I’d like to introduce myself. I work within Recycling & Waste. Married with 2 grown up sons. I have loved reading from an early age. During the past 4 years I have expanded my love of reading into undertaking Advance Review work for authors. I enjoy reading and assisting writers and have built up long term writer/reviewer friendships last year I went global and supported 3 overseas Writers South Africa, USA & Canada. If you are looking for Advance Reviews then feel free to contact me. My normal genres are Medieval crime, historical fiction Roman, Viking, Saxon. Historical crime fiction. Most recently expanded into, Crime thrillers, suspense. Look me up via FB, NetGalley, Twitter. I am listed by my name on all sites. I look to hearing from you. Regards Stacy

MJ Porter

Received this book to Review on 17% and enjoying it. Got some good characters and loving the background to kings & leaders of the time . I feel a battle coming

Christine Hancock

This is my current review I have not read any of Christine’s work, but I wish I had now. It is most unfortunate that I have only recently become aware of this wonderful author after hearing she passed away. I am nearly half way through this book and it’s gripped me, such a great story & characters. I will post a full review once I have finished in memory of Christine. I would encourage my followers who read similar books to me to look Christine up. Thanks Stacy

Wow loved this great story. Byrhtnoth a young man sent away to train as a warrior. He struggles to start not having a father though he works hard to train as a warrior. He leads his troop with a lord to help rescue his daughter. This book is a coming of age story as you learn about the hardship & brutality of life at the time. He earns himself close friends , enemies and learns of his family. Byrhtnoth charged to watch the king feels he failed, he is distraught and runs away he is seriously injured though survives and has to build his strength back up.The book flows well. I must admit that the style & pace of writing is great and has you gripped and end up reading “just one more chapter” great book. I will be reading more of Byrhtnoth.

MJ Porter

MJ Porter has written a great little prelude to her series of The Last King & Coelwulf and his warriors.

Such a great little read it was nice to hear how Coelwulf was brought back to Kingsholm to take up the Ealdorman status with his brother dying. The background into a few of the other leading characters in the book is wonderful. The challenge Coelwulf had to come back and take control over his brothers sworn warriors & the anxiety they had . Brilliant 🤩

Advance Review @Tom Walker

War time spy thriller.
Two RAF pilots Charlie & Peter escape from Greece & capture after crashing into the sea.
Back in Britain they part after harsh words.
Peter spends time with an old flame Eva then after leave heads off to fly agents in & out of France.
Eva herself is sent into France on a secret mission.
Charlie spends time with his father then returns to an instructor role before flying bombing raids.
The Gestapo are plotting and trying to unearth SOE agents.
You know all these characters are heading to a showdown, the Gestapo busy trying to undermine all the work by SOE, Eva sent to find out if the SOE network is secure.
Peter unaware of what Eva is undertaking & busy training on his new aircraft.
Charlie still suffering & Ill after the crash he & Peter where in.
Great characters, you feel the pain & anguish for them, the stress and fatigue of front line personal during war.
A truly wonderful book
Well written
Great storyline that flows well.

Tom Walker Advance Review of The Night Service

The Night Service Enemy Ahead

This is a war time spy thriller. Gestapo cunning devise a trap to confuse British Intelligence using a captured wireless to lure S.O.E agents. 2 RAF officers after abiding capture along with intelligence officer Evelyn Moor all become involved with the deadly game. Will Evelyn be captured by the Gestapo? Will Denhay & Kendrick the RAF officers work together to save her?

I have just started reading this thrilling book and will post an update later

CR May

Scourge of God

Well C.R May has done it again

Blood & Battle
A vow of vengeance
Young warrior & his loyal friends must earn a reputation as a leader & warrior if his men.
Halga & his sworn men escape the attack and seek safety with Halga’s foster father,
Halga swears an oath to his foster fathers brother Lord Horsa and they head south to fight against the attacking Hun

Halga strives to be a warrior & leader of men and is honoured & trusted by Lord Horsa & the king.

Halga and his chosen men are present at the battle and fight along side Visigoth’s, Romans, Franks against the Horde of Hun.

Gripping read
Strong characters
Fights, Action
Blood & guts
Hard to put down

A great tale of a young warrior bent on revenge, striving to learn & earn a reputation as a warrior lord & fighter of renown.

Great Action Packed Read. Loved it. 5 Stars from me. Looking forward to more adventure & action from Halga


I do love my hobby of reading & reviewing books here is my special bookshelf all are review work & signed books. ( still a little gap left) Merry …


CR May

This is my current Review book, loving it.

Halga a young lords son escapes a plot that saw his father & his warriors killed.

Now an exile he must gain a reputation as a warrior & leader to exact his revenge.

He and a group of warriors forge an alliance with lord Horsa and head into action with other warriors against the Huns.

Great read, excellent characters full of life and well paced with action. I’m 50% into the book and loving it