Paul Bernardi – Blood Price

This is my 1st review for Paul Bernardi & my 1st read of his books .Blood Price is a great Read. The central characters Sithric & his goodwife Freya,…

Paul Bernardi-Blood Price

Got say sorry to Paul, my blooming kindle & iPhone keep doing a spellcheck on his name and doing it wrong grrrr @technology. Thanks To Paul Bernardi for a well written book.

Paul Bernardo – Blood Price

This is my 1st review for Paul Bernardi & my 1st read of his books .
Blood Price is a great Read. The central characters Sithric & his goodwife Freya, are strong and full of life, he an old warrior & close companion to his Lord now his steward she the living wife and midwife to the village.
The Lords son Ulf, looks to them both for love & friendship., Which the return I kind having no family of there own.
Without spoiling the story things turn sour for Sithric & Freya and he fellowship he had with his Lord & master is estranged.
Events quickly unfold & Sithric once more finds himself armed for battle as honour demands it and there lives hang on the balance.


I do love my hobby of reading & reviewing books here is my special bookshelf all are review work & signed books. ( still a little gap left) Merry Christmas to all the wonderful Authors whose books I read & review

MJ Porter

My review of “Son of Mercia”

About the book

The start of a brand new series from bestselling author MJ Porter.

Tamworth, Mercia AD825.

The once-mighty kingdom of Mercia is in perilous danger.

Their King, Beornwulf lies dead and years of bitter in-fighting between the nobles, and cross border wars have left Mercia exposed to her enemies.

King Ecgberht of Wessex senses now is the time for his warriors to strike and exact his long-awaited bloody revenge on Mercia.

King Wiglaf, has claimed his right to rule Mercia, but can he unite a disparate Kingdom against the might of Wessex who are braying for blood and land?

Can King Wiglaf keep the dragons at bay or is Mercia doomed to disappear beneath the wings of the Wessex wyvern?

Can anyone save Mercia from destruction?

MY REVIEW Review by

Stacy T, Reviewer
Last updated on 16 Dec 2021
My Recommendation
Having read MJ Porter series The Last King,I was aware of the character Icel.

I enjoyed the book looking at the early life of a youth apprenticed to an old woman to learn medicine.

Great title 👏
Great characters
Great history of the turbulent years of the kings of Mercia.
Wonderful idea to focus on the early life of Icel
His Uncle a true warrior who would inspire you.
Torn between his loyalty to the weak kings and that of his sole relative Icel.
Wonderful to read of the struggles the fights for land between the kings.
The story flows well, the characters have depth which makes you feel for them.
Of course I knew, Icel would make some great gesture to highlight his hidden talent of fighting.
I found the historic side really interesting as I’ve not read anything around era.
I enjoyed the read as generally most authors write about Wessex & her kingship’s this was a great refreshing change to the norm.
Wonderfully Written live-action scene you feel you could be stood in the shield-wall., Sweating heart pounding & short of breath.
Icel & his uncle Cenrith true noble warriors putting all to protect Mercia .

For me yet another great book from you. Wonderful to read and hard to put down , I can’t wait for more of Icel.

MJ book now released, brilliant loved it

CR May

CR May latest book “Scourge If God”

This book 📖 is heading for my #SpecialBookShelf for those new to following me my I have 1 and only 1 bookshelf on show and it is reserved for the Authors whose works I have read & enjoyed . CR May as already appears on my shelf with “Spear Havoc” & “Bloodaxe series” I’m looking forward to this read and will be undertaking a review if it for you all. WaTch this space or follow me on Twitter or Goodreads. CR May has already provided some wonderful written works and I’m sure we as readers will not be left wanting

MJ Porter

Son of Mercia

Great stuff just received my advance copy from Boldwood Books through my NetGalley App. So looking forward to reading and reviewing this book a new series from a great author I’ve undertaken a number of reviews for this author and can say her works are truly gripping. Watch out on my blog, Amazon & NetGalley for my updates on this book.

Eva Seyler

This Great Wilderness

Eva’s Description
Front Cover
My review on Goodreads